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Content Development

Animation Expo 2011
The Kenya Film Commission recognizes the importance of this area of new media and is working on establishing the Animation Expo as a leading forum where animation artistes are able to showcase their work, network within the media industry, with financiers and receive information to build their business skills.

In this year’s edition Animators got to showcase in an environment that allowed extended interaction with participants. From this event the Commission will develop an Animation Catalogue featuring the works of participating animators. This will serve as a marketing tool for the industry. Over 500 people attended the one day event held at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall.

Kenya Film Commission CEO Peter Mutie visits the Rift 3D stand

The next Expo will be held in March 2012. Keep checking the website for details.

Documentary Productions
The Commission supported the production of six documentaries by local film makers.
The Media Machine made an 18 minute documentary titled The Kenya Cultural Centre and the Search for a National Identity.
Rashid Mohamed made a pilot on the experiences of local film making called One Day.
Kenya is known worldwide for her middle and long distance athletes, and behind all the successful athletes are talented coaches whose names may not always make the headlines. On Screen Productions Ltd made a short documentary called Master.
Musical Injustice produced by Thellesi Media was featured in KIFF 2011. Other documentaries supported were Castle of Love by Sinema Sisi Productions and Amazing Nyanza by Alwan Communications.
The Commission intends to partially support more productions in early 2012. Keep checking for the call for entries.