Nairobi is the capital and largest city in Kenya, formerly known as ‘Enkare Nyrobi’ a Maasai phrase meaning cool waters. Nairobi was essentially uninhabited swamp until a supply depot of the Uganda Railway was built by the British in 1899 linking Mombasa to Uganda. Why you should consider Nairobi your next filming location;

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Did you know Nairobi is the only city in the world that has a park? Well yes, established in 1946 Nairobi National park is situated 7km south of this green city. The metropolitan park is considered a wildlife sanctuary as it plays host to large and varied wildlife population. Over 400 birds and 50 Rhinos call this electric fenced park home. Other places that give shelter to our wildlife include Giraffe Centre, Animals’ Orphanage and Snake Park.

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If you’re looking for open spaces perfect for crowd scenes, then Nairobi’s got you covered. The central park is located close to Uhuru Park and includes the memorial monument for Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of the Republic of Kenya. In addition, we have Jeevanjee gardens, City Park, 7 August Memorial Park and Arboretum all properly taken good care of by the Nairobi County Council.

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Do you want to find out how Nairobi grew from a large swamp to what it is now? Worry not, all this history is archived around the city. Nairobi Railway Museum being one that offers history on the railway construction not leaving behind Karen Blixen Museum, the Nairobi Gallery ,National Museums of Kenya and the Kenya Archives.

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We pride ourselves in having a diverse population that includes most major ethnic, racial and linguistic groups found in Africa and around the world. The old and young population that cuts across various cultural heritage to the international visitors from different countries that have come to call Kenya their home. In addition, we have a varied crew list in Kenya and state of the art studios that will cater for your film needs.

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The government of Kenya has worked tirelessly to make sure that your time in Nairobi is worth the while. From the moment you land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson Airport and get ushered into the Central Business District (CBD) through the well maintained Mombasa road feel free to enjoy a ride using the Thika Super Highway. Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya also grants access to the capital city through the Moi International Airport or a 4-hour train ride through the newly constructed Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). Our well-constructed 21st century magnificent malls provide an aesthetic shooting space with amenities such as supermarkets, clothing stalls, food courts not forgetting fun activities for children.

Do you have a scene that needs a theatre location? 20TH CENTURY IMAX, ANGA CINEMA, PLANET CINEMAX ,ALLIANCE FRANCHISE ,KENYA NATIONAL THATERE are state of the art movie and play theatres in Nairobi. When all is said and done, you don’t need to rush out of town as you can rest in our five or four star hotels that guarantee you world class service.

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Welcome to Nairobi where innovation is our second name. We have incalculated an inventive nature in our youth which lead to the innovation of one of the world impressive mobile technology, M-PESA. In addition, there are other money transfer services such as Airtel Money, Pesalink and bank to bank transfers that will ensure your monetary needs are handled with the highest levels of professionalism.

Big Mobi-tech companies still stream in to understand this puzzle that only proofs the capability of this city .Don’t worry about paying your crew because through the available banks and mobile transfers you are sorted.

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Why carry manpower and equipment from your country or elsewhere? Nairobi boost as one of the cities in Africa with qualified manpower and up to dated equipment in the Film Industry. Through, the Kenya Film Commission one can be linked to professional arms that make up a filming crew and we guarantee your film needs are in great hands.

Make Nairobi your next location and enjoy all these and more.

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