Kenya’s Film and Television Production Industry boasts some of the most sophisticated post-production facilities and offers a pool of skilled technicians and crew. The industry has invested considerably in keeping the facilities up-to-date with the latest in film and television technology resulting in more foreign as well as domestic producers choosing to complete productions in Kenya. 

Kenyan production companies offer full modern range equipment for both production and post-production needs. Sound and stage studios can be hired through several production and broadcast companies at varied rates.  The country has a large pool of skilled technicians and crew, available locally for most productions and post productions. While crew hire costs are increasing in Kenya, they are still low compared to other countries. Alongside technical and crew staff, other service staff such as accountants, lawyers, and doctors can be hired locally.

With the increase of foreign productions taking place in Kenya, the local production industry is staying competitive with international production standards by investing in the latest technology, training and development. Facilities catering for the overseas market now offer more services to the local industry in the way of better equipment, production quality and trained staff thus increasing overall production values of even low-budget independent productions. 


Why carry manpower and equipment from your country or elsewhere? We pride ourselves as one of the cities in Africa with qualified manpower and up to dated equipment in the Film Industry. Through, the Kenya Film Commission one will be linked to professional arms that make up a filming crew and we guarantee your film needs are in great hands.

One such leading production house is Zamaradi Production, led by Appie Matere a film mogul who has experience trickling down to a crew that maintains highly levels of professionalism.

Since its inception, one of Zamaradi’s biggest achievements is having a film village which works in their favor in matters of set and production as it saves time and location fees. The village can be manipulated to fit your shooting needs.

Why not let Appie Matere tell you more in the video below.