Call for Content

The Kenyan Film Industry has for a long time suffered from the lack of a distribution channel for locally produced content. The Kenya Film Commission in fulfillment of its mandate of promoting the local film industry has partnered with a local broadcaster to sustainably promote the development and exploitation of audio-visual content for the benefit of the film industry.

As part of the Film Empowerment program, the Commission will acquire content from local film producers and companies for showcase on Local TV Channels. The Content up for acquisition includes;

  • Feature films
  • Mini TV Series

Feature Films

Films that run a minimum of 60 minutes which have either premiered or not and may have screened in festivals. The Commission will acquire a screening license from the producers/production company for two screenings at a local TV channel.

Mini TV Series

Mini TV series that run between 20-25 minutes and that have never run in any station (first run series). The Mini TV series should be a complete mini-series of 13 episodes and will air on a local TV channel. Producers with a minimum of three (3) episodes can however submit them for consideration.

Please Note: Acquisition of Films and TV series is subject to vetting and approval by the acquisition committee.



Feature films should be a minimum of 60 minutes. Mini TV series should be between 20 and 25 minutes in length per episode.

Consideration will only be given to a Mini TV series of 13 episodes.


Producers/Production Companies submitting must be tax compliant (Tax compliance certificate must be attached).


All films/TV series submitted for consideration MUST be classified by Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB). The film must comply with government regulations on taste and decency.


  • Content must be locally produced by a Kenyan production company and featuring Kenyan actors.
  • Content can be in scripted or unscripted formats.
  • Content must be youthful and/or appeal to the youth.
  • In the case of a television series; episodes must be submitted in a chronological order/according to the storyline.
  • Content should be fully edited and ready for broadcast.
  • Content submitted is open to all genres.
  • For mini TV series, content should not have been broadcasted on any TV platform in Kenya.
  • Content submitted should be of broadcast standards.
  • Content should predominantly be in English or Kiswahili languages. For sections with any other language, you MUST provide subtitles.
  • Provide copies without any branding or watermarks as it hampers vetting and broadcast of the same. Watermarked content will be disqualified.
  • Attach a Synopsis for your Film/Mini TV series (Max 400 words).


No restriction on when the production was done.


Only one submission per title is required i.e. do not submit the same content more than once.

For mini TV series, the Commission will only consider a submission MINIMUM of three (3) episodes.

Each submission should include:-

  1. Submission copy on either DVD or Digital
  2. Completed & signed entry form
  3. Trailer
  4. Synopsis
  5. Poster
  6. Tax Compliance certificate
  7. Projected price per episode/film

For Physical Submission, drop off your Film or Mini TV Series at the address below:-

Kenya Film Commission
2nd Floor Jumuia Place, Lenana Road

P.O Box, 76417-00508
Nairobi, Kenya

For Digital Submission, Kindly submit your Film or Mini TV series via Wetransfer or Dropbox to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A fully competed form should also be submitted together with the film.

For enquiries you may call 020-2714073/4 / +254 729 407497/ 733 650068 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Please do not submit master copy. Kenya Film Commission will not be liable for loss of the Film. Kenya Film Commission will retain the submitted DVD, which shall not be returned to you.

Opening Date: Entries will be received from 17th August 2020

Closing Date: All entries must be received by 29th August 2020


PLEASE NOTE: If the Production uses material (including music) that may be owned by a third party (or if a third party has any right or interest in such material), you may be required to give the Kenya Film Commission written proof that the third party has consented to the use of the material for the purpose of making the production. To promote fairness to other artistes, Kenya Film Commission may disqualify any submission that lacks approval for the use of third party materials.

Proof of IP ownership will be required for selected Films/Mini TV series.


  1. Kenya Film Commission shall have the right to copy the Films and programs (or clip(s) of it) and to send such copies to the selection committee for the purpose of reviewing the Film/ Mini TV series for selection.
  2. Upon acquisition of your Film/Mini TV Series, the Kenya Film Commission will possess exclusive rights for One year (12 months) for mini TV series and six (6) months for Feature Films.


Please note:

You warrant and confirm that you own or have obtained all rights and/or releases necessary including without limitation:

  1. All rights, releases and/or copyright clearance in relation to all material included in the production owned or controlled by a third party including music, literary, dramatic and/or artistic works;
  1. Releases for all locations featured in the Film;
  1. Consents from all persons featured in, portrayed or contributing to the filming and production of the project, including the director;
  1. License to use all copyright work used in the production or required for its exploitation, including scripts;


  1. You warrant and represent that you have the right to enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights set out herein.
  1. You warrant and represent that nothing in the Film or program is obscene, defamatory, and libelous or breaches Government rules.


You indemnify and hold harmless the Kenya Film Commission, and it’s affiliated Corporations, from and against any and all claims, suits, liabilities, judgments and Damages arising out of a breach by you of any of the obligations, representations or Warranties contained in these Terms and Conditions.

Please note:

  1. During the selection process for the Content Acquisition, all entries must be received in DVD format or digitally via WeTransfer or However, please note that, in the event your entry has been selected, the nominee will be requested to provide the film in BlueRay, Digital or DCP format in accordance with our technical guideline, which will be given in due time.”
  1. DVDs submitted for consideration will not be returned.

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