The Commission facilitates National and Regional festivals to grow markets for Kenyan cinema, generate interest, stimulate demand for films and give an opportunity to audiences to see themselves and their stories in cinematic form.

Festivals provide opportunities for filmmakers to increase their distribution channels as many potential Kenyan audiences do not have access to cinemas. They also provide a crucial networking platform for members of the film industry.

Filmmaking workshops conducted during film festivals give community members firsthand experience in making film. The workshops make communities aware of the possibilities of filmmaking as a career and contributor to economic development.

The Commission uses film festivals and markets, where appropriate, as platforms to communicate its strategy, policy and programmes and provide an opportunity for the industry to get an understanding of KFC as an institution.

International Festivals and Markets

Kenyan film industry has consistently participated in major film festivals around the world and has had an official presence at the American Film Market, Cannes Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival and DISCOP Africa among others. Our coordinated participation at these events has raised the profile of Kenyan film and television content and the industry as a whole.

The Commission facilitates to filmmakers to attend screenings of their work at selected international festivals and events and to attend international markets where they can pitch their projects and gain financing to advance their projects. This provides filmmakers with opportunities to:

  • Increase their networks of international contacts
  • Conduct business according to international standards
  • To develop strong business models for their entities
  • Develop the skills needed to operate within the international market
  • Secure finance for projects
  • Get support for projects that have been invited to internationally recognized pitching forums or competitions
  • Enhance the profile of their films and
  • Increase international appeal