Kalasha Awards is the brainchild of the Kenya Film Commission, a government body that was constituted to spearhead growth in the film industry. The Kenya Film Commission has for many years been toying with the idea of setting up a film award trust. This is a body that oversees and co-ordinates activities leading up to the gala event and beyond.

  • Kalasha celebrated the industry and how far it has come with an understanding that is one way spurring further growth in the two industries.
  • The Awards aimed at injecting new energy into the industries by fostering healthy competition.
  • The awards aimed at bringing the movie and television professionals closer to their fans and create an extra publicity.



The Kalasha Awards is a premier event organized to celebrate and recognize excellence in production of local Kenyan movies and stars. This is a massive platform for the arts and culture, serving as a forum for fostering a truly celebrity culture in the film industry.

It is a razzmatazz, red carpet glitzy, sassy affair in line with the Emmy and Oscar Awards and a first for Kenya. The Kenya Film Commission intends it to be the event of the year and whose many have and will talk about for a long time. It is important to have great reviews and strong word of mouth around Film industry. The nominations, especially actor and director, “add a cachet that is immeasurable. The Awards scheme in the industry is seen as key to play the role of re-energizing the film and television business in Kenya.

To Increase the competitiveness in provision of local content, the Awards aimed to allow for an injection of a screen culture in Kenya as a way of life. This will in turn propel the local content market towards growth as latent demand for content is nourished and as more people patronise film content distribution points.It is important to have great reviews and strong word of mouth," nominations, especially those for best, actor and director, "adds a cachet that is immeasurable." And that’s what the awards were about.