The Kenya Film Commission is gearing for one of Africa’s biggest and most anticipated award show, KALASHA INTERNATIONAL AWARDS. The awards have been in existence since 2009 and subsequent awards are held yearly at the last quarter of the year. This year promises even more pop and color with a new touch on the international Film and TV festival and market with over 30 categories expected to be awarded. The deadline for submissions is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 15 and it promises to be an exciting rat race.

The last event saw over 800 entries and coming up with the nominees in each category was not a walk in the park for the academy. The 2017 academy popularly referred to as the ‘big 8’ is already set with a representation of some of the influential creatives in the Film and TV Industry. http://kalashainternational.com/awards/ The academy is expected to sit down, after the deadline for submissions and critically analyze each and every submission and come up with nominees in every category. Some of the highly contested categories include the Best Lead Actor and Actress in Film and TV.

Exhibitors, Marketers and Contributors of the International film industry at large are not left behind as the KALASHA INTERNATIONAL FILM AND TV FESTIVAL AND MARKET is expected to bring the global film and TV patrons under one roof. The week-long festival and 2 Day Market promises constructive interaction between top players from the 7 continents and film professionals from TV, cinema and advertising. Look out for more information on the dates, the venues, and how you can be part of this ground shaking experience on our website www.kalashainternational.com .